Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the market position of the world's honest olive oil producers, suppliers and brands through unbiased authenticity certification.


About Us


At Olive Oil Certifiers, we come to work every day because we want to solve the biggest problem in olive oil.

Everyone is still guessing.  Informed consumers don't know what to look for in a legitimate olive oil, how to compare them, or even what real olive oil tastes like.

Retailers & food service distributors aren't sure whether the olive oil brands they're selling are truly legitimate, nor can they afford to test each batch to find out. Importers & distributors try their best to ensure the olive oil they purchase is authentic, but still aren't willing to make any guarantees.

Losses due to olive oil fraud are staggeringly large—more than $16 billion per year. Crime of this magnitude erodes public trust in the olive oil industry as a whole, and at its worst, threatens the solvency of the world's honest olive oil makers and suppliers.

Fraud continues to grow at an astonishing rate as suspect companies refine their tactics in response to anti-fraud measures. The highly adaptive nature of these criminals renders industry-standard testing methods less effective with each passing day. 

Organizations need a certification partner with advanced technology solutions to detect, identify and eradicate patterns of fraudulent activity on a global scale.

Today, through our proprietary technology platform and certification process, along with our global network of accredited testing laboratories, we provide the most advanced olive oil certification solutions in the industry. 

We believe that real, sustained change in the olive oil industry is not only necessary, but possible.